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Efficient and Reliable Verification

Smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash are UTXO-based with local state. This model allows transactions to be verified independently and efficiently. Because there is no global state that can impact the execution of these smart contracts, the results are deterministic and predictable.

Strong Abstraction

Bitcoin Cash transactions run on a virtual machine called 'BCH Script'. Writing bytecode for this virtual machine is difficult and error-prone. CashScript offers a strong abstraction for writing Bitcoin Cash smart contracts, improving developer experience and reliability of contracts.

DeFi on Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash has had many script upgrades, such as CashTokens and transaction introspection. Because of this, DeFi is very much possible on Bitcoin Cash. However, compared to EVM, smart contracts work very differently due to BCH's UTXO architecture.

Integrated Tooling

CashScript offers integrated tooling through the JavaScript SDK. The SDK has utilities for easy transaction building and other network functionality. CashScript has built-in debug tooling compatible with the Bitauth-IDE to offer the best developer experience.